Biblical Chronology and an End Times Perspective




The Red Heifer

     The red heifer brings the promise of reinstating Biblical purity, welcoming the Messiah, and rebuilding the Holy Temple for all nations. This view is spearheaded for the ultra-orthodox Jews, the Haredim, by the Temple Institute, located near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They state, "The Temple Institute's ultimate goal is to see Israel rebuild the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, in accord with the Biblical commandments." They are special breeding red heifers, have all the priestly vestments, vessels, and altars made to occupy Temple III, and the blueprints are prepared. Temple priests, kohanim, have been raised since childhood. The Sanhedrin is already in place. The ultra-orthodox Jews of this generation are encouraged make it happen. [Details on their website at]


     In the Revelation (11:1-2) we have understood there will be a rebuilt Temple where the two witnesses will preach. Christians need a Temple III which precedes the return of Jesus Christ as Messiah. Ultra-Orthodox Jews need their Messiah, Mashiach or Anointed One, to precede construction of Temple III. When will your Messiah appear?


     Temple III will only be built where the Dome of the Rock now squats, so requires the Temple Institute. It and Al Aqsa Mosque occupy the Temple Mount, Islam's third most holy site. Destruction of the Dome of the Rock will trigger war. Not a local war. Not the Great Tribulation. Just a basic World War with a religious flavor. Temple III = WW III.     


     Knowing such an outcome, who would blow up the Dome of the Rock? An American Christian and an Australian Christian have been previously arrested in their attempts, just so they could say, "Come, Lord Jesus." A number of earlier Jewish plots have been foiled. And there are certainly militant Muslims that would do it to unite Islam against the world, and, of course, blame the Jews. But these bunglers didn't have today's technology.


     A drone is one of those whirligigs that can deliver your Amazon order or a well-placed explosive. A child's toy can be turned into a strategic weapon. Fly it low to the Dome and press the button. All it takes is one motivated fanatic who thinks God/Allah/Jehovah has called him to welcome Jesus/Mahdi/Mashiach by preparing the way. Only one religiously-motivated person with a nice toy, a chemistry set, and a little practice can change our world, digging millions of graves.


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     So why is the red heifer at the front of the line? We read in Numbers 19 that Moses was in charge of burning this cow without yoke or blemish, along with cedar wood, hyssop, and scarlet wool thrown in the fire. The ashes were mixed with pure water and the solution would purify an unclean person who has come in contact with death. Everyone is considered unclean today. There were nine red heifers burnt and used through the destruction of Temple II in 70 AD. Why do we need a 10th red heifer?


     The Haredi Jews require it as an expression of their love for God and his requirements. They are the Ultra-Orthodox that some characterize with their curly sideburns and funny hats. They describe themselves as the most religiously authentic group of Jews. If it is written in the Torah, the first five books of Moses, that is their main guide, along with some clarification from the Mishnah Tractate Parah. Moses and the priests in Solomon's Temple and Temple II had the ashes of a red heifer for purification, so they must also have those ashes. A true Jew must have a 10th red heifer for purification. Period.


     A guiding word from the Lord came after Moses and the first two red heifers when Ezekiel (36:24-26) confirmed, "I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land. I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you." From a Jewish perspective that "clean water" is the "water of cleansing" mixture from the ashes of the red heifer. (Numbers 19:9) This was done with another seven red heifers in Temple II after the gathering from Babylon. It is now confirmed for a 10th red heifer in re-gathered Israel. Ezekiel goes on to describe a Temple not yet built.


     The Haredim represent over one and a half million worldwide, and about 13% in Israel. They seldom intermarry and their birth rate is more than double the local average. The men refuse to serve in the military so they can study the Torah while the wife works. CNN has a short video HERE with a flavor of their dedication. They attempt to strictly observe 613 Commandments but many of these require Temple service. They are active with the Temple Institute. They are active in politics. With a 10th red heifer they could be active in your future.


     An all-red calf was born in Israel on August 28, 2018. If it reaches two years of age without blemish and no odd-colored hairs it is officially a red heifer. But now there are two (2) red calves in contention for the funeral pyre. An informative Israeli article published March 6, 2019 is HERE which fills in more background details. In anticipation a sample non-red heifer was burned to Biblical specifications to determine how much "water of cleansing" can be prepared, noted in an August 15, 2019 report HERE.


     From a Christian perspective you might like the Perry Stone video "Ashes of the Red Heifer" HERE. Stone relates the red heifer as a picture of Jesus and His crucifixion. He also notes the red heifer to precede a Temple III. The Temple Institute says they do not need the earlier ashes to mix with the new ashes, as suggested in the hunt for the location in the copper scroll.


     Rabbi Azariah Ariel has been charged with overseeing the search for a red heifer by the Temple Institute. He is quoted as saying, "For them to be considered heifers, as the Bible describes, they must be two years and one day old." The Rabbi also has stated the red heifer is a specific requirement of God that might make others possible, but then separated it from God's timing for the Messiah and Temple service.


     So we presently have potential red heifers available toward the end of 2020. Will that encourage a super-Orthodox to finger a control box for a blown drone? Haredi children are specifically being raised to be pure before God and serve in a new Temple. In February, 2019 I went through the exhibit at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, and in two places they were specifically encouraging the youth of today to prepare the way for a new Temple. On their website you can purchase blue T-shirts  with with a new Temple in progress and the words "Temple Under Construction!" in sizes for 1 years old and up. How old are you required to be to fly a drone?


     Dedication? The Haredi males do not work or serve in the military and are immersed in Torah study virtually 24/7. They dress the part. They live the part. Their support for exemption from military service split the Israeli parliament requiring a new election in Israel on September 17, 2019. That failed with the split between liberal and conservative ongoing in December and again in April, 2020, but still split in July. The Haredim will justify their spiritual existence by fulfilling their calling by G-d to be ritually pure after a several millennium hiatus.


     For decades I have advised, "When you see the Dome of the Rock destroyed on CNN, don't sit there and watch the news. Get to the market and abuse your credit card. Prop up your bed with extra cans of beans." I've had some guesses as to timing, but no worry until someone flattened the Dome.


     Torah scholar Maimonides stated, "... and the tenth red heifer will be accomplished by the king, the Messiah; may he be revealed speedily, Amen, May it be God's will." One defining characteristic of this future Messiah will be his triumph in war... a future Dome-flattening war.

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     In November 2019 I was in Israel again and one "conservative" admitted that their Messiah was already with us. I later spoke with the manager of the Temple Institute, and he confirmed the red calf was still red. Both looked like they wish they had not said anything.


* * * * *


     March 2020 update video from the Temple Institute by Azariah Ariel HERE. The red heifer is here linked with the kohanim required for Temple service. The timing is possibly early next year.


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      May 2020 description of why you need Temple III by Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute HERE. A House of prayer for all nations.


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     June 2020 update video from the Temple Institute with two red heifers HERE. The ashes could, "in the very near future, advance Israel and the world to the next stage of the redemption and the building of the Holy Temple."


* * * * *

     August 16, 2020 update video by Azariah Ariel HERE. The Temple Institute included: Rabbi Azaria Ariel, who is leading the Temple Institute's efforts to raise a red heifer for the performance of the commandment of producing the purifying ashes of the red heifer, recently inspected the current red heifer candidates and shared their status. Of the two more mature candidates, one is still very viable, as Rabbi Azaria explains, despite currently having a few hairs which aren't sufficiently red, as required by halacha (Jewish law). Two new candidates were born in the early months of 2020, and they are currently viable. The ordinance of the red heifer is described in Numbers, chapter 19. The purifying power of the ashes of the red heifer posses the ability to overcome the spiritual impurity contracted via physical contact with a corpse or cadaver, known in Hebrew as טמא מת - tamei met. The renewal of the ashes of the red heifer would enable kohanim (Temple priests) today to achieve the highest level of spiritual purity, enabling them to resume their work in the Holy Temple, thereby eliminating one more stumbling block on the way to rebuilding the Holy Temple and renewing the Divine service. Rabbi Azaria also mentions just a few of the many other commandments whose performance will be enabled by or enhanced by the resumption of the ashes of the red heifer.

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      For the ultra-Orthodox Jew the ashes of a red heifer are necessary for ritual purification, a precursor to new Messiah and a new Temple. This will herald the era for the fulfillment of the Divine promise of Israel's future. Ritual purification and simple methods may inspire a dedicated Jew in a blue T-shirt to clearing the Temple site by destroying the Dome of the Rock. A war is necessary to reveal the Messiah (Mashiach). Temple III = WW III.


     Timing? Are you ready for the water of cleansing?

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      March 5, 2021 Shabbat Parah (Sabbath of the Red Heifer) begins at sundown today, in preparation for Passover. The Temple Institute just gave us an update HERE. It appears there will be a delay in starting Temple III.



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     March 30, 2022  (2 minutes) Note heightened security and international effort.

Over the past six months the Temple Institute has greatly expanded its efforts to raise a red heifer in Israel whose ashes can be used to achieve the highest level of biblical purity which will enable kohanim and ordinary Jews to enter into the areas on the Temple Mount where the inner Temple courtyards and the Temple Sanctuary are located, a prerequisite for the renewal of the Divine service in the Holy Temple.
More details cannot currently be disclosed for operational reasons. Suffice it to say that the current efforts are international in scope. We hope to be able to share more information in the near future as progress is made.


     There are others who understand the intent of the Red Heifer (Palestinians for example) and will do whatever is necessary to prevent the Water of Purification from empowering the Mashiach. Updated information may become more difficult to obtain.


* * * * *


     September 15, 2022 (1:06:08) The arrival of 5 Red Heifers in Israel.


On Thursday, September 15, 2022, 5 PM, 5 perfect, unblemished red heifers arrived in Israel from the USA. A modest ceremony was held at the unloading bay of the cargo terminal at Ben Gurion airport, where the new arrivals were greeted and speeches were made by the incredible people who have put their hearts and souls and means into making this historic/prophetic day become a reality.

     Hamas has added threats for coming Holy Days.


* * * * *


     September 30, 2022  Hamas warns of coming violence because of Red Heifer.


     Note the 5 Red Heifers were still calves. A pure red one must reach the age of 2 years to be sacrificed and prepare the Water of Purification to make a priest clean and able to perform daily rituals. We will watch closely a little over a year from now.



     PS, The ritual with the red heifer is known as a hok, a biblical law for which there is no apparent logic. It has the unexplained effect of making the persons who prepared the ashes ritually impure, but all who were sprinkled became ritually pure. Just do it. The Perry Stone video above draws a parallel with the crucifixion of Jesus, but it is a bit subtle and of no interest to the Haredim. Perhaps there is a parallel with the Golden Calf coming of age.

     PSS. The Mashiach - "So I looked and saw a white horse, and its rider had a bow. And he was given a crown, and he rode out to overcome and conquer." (Revelation 6:2) You can donate for this crown HERE (not recommended).

     PSSS, WW III will be the war that completes the Great Commission and sets up events for End Times. If you believe you will avoid any war in a Pre-Resurrection Rapture please consider the Last Day. First we have to get that rider on a pale horse to  dismount and get rid of this pesky virus.